About us

We love nature. BEAUTYLOPE Pure & Vegan Halal Cosmetics is a young company for decorative cosmetics according to the motto "back to the nature". Nature provides humans breathtaking beauty and BEAUTYLOPE wants to share it with you. Natural beauty, like the gazelle. 

Already to the pre-Islamic period, the gazelle was used in the arabic poetry as a popular image and as a metaphor for a beautiful woman. BEAUTYLOPE, the antelope as a sign of beauty.

We are proud to inform you that all the products of the brand BEAUTYLOPE are made without animal components and also contain no aliphatic alcohol or any cancer-causing ingredients.

Our water based nail polishes include in addition to water natural color pigments and thus are free from harmful formaldehyde and toluene that are usually used in conventional nail polishes. Camphor and other plasticizers such as DBP (Dibuthylphtalat), DEHP (Diethylhexylphtalat) are not used in the production process.

Mineral make-up
BEAUTYLOPES Mineral makeup is handcrafted and is made with top grade raw ingredients that are available in the market. No preservatives, artificial colors or other chemical components are contained, instead of that the attention is paid to use 100% natural ingredients.

We do not just place great emphasis on the importance to high-quality cosmetics, but also attach great importance to our environmental protection with respect to sustainability in the selection of the packaging. We use to protect forests only recycled paper for our packaging.

BEAUTYLOPE strictly ensure that the production will be in accordance with GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice – and this is the instrument in assuring consistent high quality according to a defined quality standard.

The Halal certified products have been developed not only for muslims, but also for vegans and for all people who place great emphasis on natural resources.

Natural beauty with a clear conscience.

Try it out!

Your team from BEAUTYLOPE Pure & Vegan Halal Cosmetics